Orchestra works

Examples and samples from previous orchestra works

Lead vocals, composition, arrangement and production of the full orchestra and mixing of the album „Haunted Minds“.

Arrangement and production of the full orchestra for this song and for all songs from the album „Age Of Steam“.

Guest vocals, arrangement and production of the full orchestra for this Chris de Burgh cover song.


music is the language of our soul

At the tender age of 14 Alex discovered his love for music, and for Metal in particular. Three years later he decided to contribute, so he took up the guitar, began singing lessons and soon after formed his own band to do so in good company. In this band he met his future wife Anja and they went on to found AETERNITAS in 1999.

Having initially been designed as a studio project, it developed into a live band in which Alex sometimes performed at the guitar, sometimes as a lead singer and most of all as a songwriter.

Orchestral and choral parts were important for AETERNITAS right from start and Alex takes the lead in orchestration and arrangement.


I highly recommend Mr. Alex Hunzinger for any symphonic work to add to your music. He has proven to deliver high-quality, timely work at a reasonable cost and we will definitely be working with Alex again for future projects ! Thank you Alex for your masterful work in creating singing choirs for our song: You Shall Not Awaken

Luc Germain Founder, Composer and Musician for The Mystic Euphoria Project

With Alex‘ awesome orchestrations our songs reach a new level of power and emotional depth!

Oliver Bandmann Singer (AETERNITAS)

It was a great pleasure working with Alex.
Without him we would have never achieved that epic sound we always wanted.

Tristan Harders Singer, guitarist (TERRA ATLANTICA)

In the winter of 2015, Alex Hunzinger took over the orchestral production for the GENTILITY song ‚Götterdämmerung‘. For this he arranged and composed the individual instruments and put them together in an extraordinary manner. Only through his work did this song get its fascinating sound.

Dirk Miachaelis Singer, guitarist (Gentility)


„The symphonic parts of the record are fucking brilliant and the choir excellent and his arrangements good.“
(Review of AETERNITAS‘ „Haunted Minds“)

Dark Juan ever-metal.com

„Durch die fantastischen orchestralen Arrangements, für die sich Alex Hunziger, Gitarrist und Sänger bei Aeternitas, verantwortlich zeigt, gewinnt das Album zusätzlich an Tiefgang.“
(Review of TERRA ATLANTICA’s „Age Of Steam“)

Lars T. time-for-metal.eu

„… Alex Hunzinger muss die Truppe ein großes Dankeschön ausrichten, da die gezauberten Orchesterparts glanzvoll eingebaut wurden.“
(Review of TERRA ATLANTICA’S „A City Once Divine“)

Robert metalunderground.at

„Die Orchestrierungen knallen ordentlich und sorgen für Blockbuster-Atmosphäre.“
(Review of TERRA ATLANTICA’S „A City Once Divine“)

Daniel Müller crossfire-metal.de

„Als erstes fallen die die meisterhaft inszenierten Keyboards, Playbacks, Chöre und Samples auf, die den Songs tatsächlich einen würdigen „Symphonic“-Rahmen geben und nicht wie billiger Zuckerguss klingen.“

(Review of AETERNITAS‘ „House of Usher“)

Holger Stratmann ROCK HARD 11/2016

„…schnell weicht diese Stimmung aber einem recht ausgeklügelten Bombastkonzept mit einem Wechselspiel aus fetten Orchesterarrangements und treibenden Rockpassagen.“

(Review of AETERNITAS‘ „House of Usher“)

Erle heavystageforce.rocks

„…Klangliche Tiefe bekommen die Songs oftmals durch hervorragende Keyboardparts, die dem Düsterklang mal eine wuchtig-orchestrale, mal eine dezent-melodiöse Tiefe verleihen.“

(Review of AETERNITAS‘ „House of Usher“)

Stefan www.zephyrs-odem.de

„… you’ll hear in there many interesting complex orchestrations that are quite intriguing…“

(Review of AETERNITAS‘ „House of Usher“)

Tomaž Vogrič www.terrarelicta.com

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